Interview with Eclipse Theatre Company Planner, Vince Kennedy  By Wendy B., Arts Reporter, 15 November 2020

Interview with Eclipse Theatre Company Planner, Vince Kennedy By Wendy B., Arts Reporter, 15 November 2020

ETC has announced its intention to hold a Charity Art Auction in May 2021, with the theme ‘Revival’.  What is the aim and how is that going to work?

The aim is to raise $40,000 to help underwrite the new musical that is set in ETC’s sights for the 2021-2023 time period – Mona – The Musical.  This is a great story about one Canadian woman – a singer and actress before she went to Amsterdam to help her family in the late 1930s.  Mona Parsons, from Nova Scotia, then got caught helping allied airmen get back to England – and spent the rest of the war in labour camps having been sentenced to life in hard labour by the Germans. She survived by wit and courage, and eventually was saved by Canadians after she walked 200 kms across Germany to get to the advancing allies late in the war – brutalized, emaciated and starving. She fell into the arms of a Nova Scotia infantry regiment – the start of Mona’s ‘revival’.

What about the art auction?

We hope to raise about 10% of what it will cost to develop the musical, workshop it and bring it to the stage in 2023 or 2024.  To get that started, we have been seeking two-dimensional original art pieces form artists that we know, art houses and members and friends.   Many people and companies have great art on their wall, or in the basement, or the boardroom closet!   We will seek these, have asked for delivery to us by end-March 2021, so that we can curate the groups and finalize the on-line descriptions, etcetera.  Then using a commercial on-line auction house (32Auctions we hope), we will open the bidding two weeks before 8 May 2021 on these 24 pieces of art and some other treasures.   There will be prizes for those bidding and oddities for auction as well.   Then it transitions to a live and possibly in-person auction that will finish the bidding for the main works and will feature musical elements from ETC great vocal artists – the Salon part of the night.   There will be a Auctioneer and special guests. 

Sounds good – how does someone keep track of what is going to happen or ask a question?

The best way is to sign up for the periodic updates we will post to this site and by e-mail.   To register for that, send a short e-mail to and we will add that person to the e-mail direct campaign.  If anyone has a piece of art to donate – they should also contact me,Vince Kennedy, at that e-mail address‘Revival’  is going to be interesting, with great pieces to bid on, and all to support a great cause – the full exposure of a Canadian woman who stood the test in a terrible war – in music and on stage.  Mona – the Musical.   A new Canadian musical.  

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