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Eclipse Theatre Company is committed to creating and incubating quality, relevant and unique theatrical experiences, but we can't do it alone. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our donors.
(Listed alphabetically by first name)


A. Englander, Alistair Gadowsky, Amanda McDonnell, Andrew Gillespie, Ann Southcombe, Annalise Layfield, Barbara Fingerote, Barbra and Richard Conway, Breanne Ritchie, Brian Borts, Bruce Dean, Bruce Gillespie, Carey Diamond, Catherine & Josh Hellyer, Cayala A Baylin, Cindy Halpern, Dale Horwitz, Dale-Anne Brendan, Debora Foster, Deborah Chant, Easy Mail Solutions, Elayne Freeman, Elise & Allan Mecklinger, Eric Goldstein, Faye Staceland, Frances O’Malley, Gail Tolley, Gary & Joanne Foster, Gordon Bricker, Jack and Bonnie Tepperman, Jenn Cole, Jenny Blake, Jiani Bai, Jill Topf, Jimmy Jackson, Jody Madden, John Hughes, Judith Richardson, Judy Mandel, Karen Cheah, Kat Chase, Kate Barns, Kerry Kennedy, Kevin Bales, Larry Davis, Larry Saltsman, Linda Bradbeer, Lynne and Chris Skillen, MaryAnn de Chastelain, Mel Brown, Michael Sereny, Michelle Fine, Nicole La Fountaine, Norah and Bill Hewson, Peeranut Visetsuth, Rebekah Balfour, Reed Needles, Richard Halpern, Richard Ouzounian, Robbie and Elaine Goldberg, Robert Sherkin, Rory Kennedy, R. Missen, Shannon Fornes, Shelagh Heeney, Suzanne Dunford, Steve & Lisa Oliphant, Tara Stanton


Allan & Rena Detsky & Mendelson, Andrea Marcus, Bruce Dean & Robert Hall, Charles Beall, David James Lester, Deanna Horton, Doug Roth, Elliot Sud, Jeanne-Anne McLeod, Jennifer Anderson, Lisa McCann, Murray Silverberg, Nancy Lockhart, Ron Cameron-Lewis, Simon and Aliza Spiro, Steve Narod, Sylvia M.G. Soyka, The Song Shul, Vince and Wendy Kennedy

Super Nova

Bruce Walter, Elly Daniels, Erica Segal, Johnathan Mandel, Mitchell & Lissie Sanders

Solar Flare

Blake Jarrett

Total Eclipse

David & Stacey Cynamon, Fondation Alex U Soyka, Hellyer Foundation