Interview with the Artistic Director Evan Tsitsias by Vince Kennedy, 5 May 2019

So the whirlwind that was Kiss of the Spider Woman is gone.  How was it, bringing those professional artists and the Sheridan students together in one dramatic play and one dramatic place – the Old Don Jail?

That was an absolutely incredible and epic experience. The blend of professionals with Sheridan students was the perfect fusion for this particular piece.   They get excellent training in all the performance areas, and so we were very fortunate in Michael Rubinoff’s generous work to contribute their time and effort and I know the equity actors adored them and cherished their time with the students and that collaboration.  The Don Jail offered us history and spaces not only for the pre-show tours but a space to perform in that added immensely to the audience experience. I think the audience understanding the dark history of the space itself allowed them a deeper immersive experience with the show itself. The sounds and the images we created in that space could not have been recreated so robustly in a traditional theatre space.    Of course, that room is still now an important part of the hospital entry, so we had to dismantle everything  between each show, but it was worth it!


What do you think you will do next?

Well I have my eye on  Sunday in the Park With George – a classic, so we are looking for a venue that responds to that piece as well.  Something historic in Toronto.  We will see!

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