Interview with Artistic Director ETC Evan Tsitsias by Vince Kennedy, 5 September 2020 RSS

Artist Interview, interview, The LAB -

In this interview we learn a little bit about Mark Weatherley- An actor, playwright and composer.

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composer, interview, The LAB -

"Meet Julia Appleton" is the first of a series of interviews with our 2018 Musical Theatre Lab Participants... our LABBIES. Julia joined us as a composer and lyricist.

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Artist Interview, Talking Points -

In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking to Danielle Benton from NORFOLK DESIGN COMPANY. 


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The LAB -

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Eclipse Theatre Company as submissions come rolling in for our upcoming Musical Theatre Lab. What we’ve discovered? That there are a lot of talented artists out there who are wanting to collaborate. Evan and Tracy have been working there way through the submissions and we want to thank everyone who took the time to show interest and share their work.

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FAQs, Talking Points -

Eclipse Theatre Company.

Chilina and Evan spent many hours coming up with a name for our company. We won’t bore you with the other ideas… but ‘Crossroads' may have been discussed. I know, it sounds like a 1980’s movie starring Patrick Swayze. Hence… they didn’t call it that.  So why Eclipse Theatre Company? (Other than the fact that ETC implies that we always have something extra up our sleeve to share with you).

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