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The Lab

Incubating New Canadian Theatre

What is the THE LAB?

With the explosion of Canadian musicals, there is a real need for support in the development of new work. That is why Eclipse Theatre Company (ETC) has initiated the LAB, led by our Artistic Director, Evan Tsitsias.  The ETC lab is an annual event that brings together emerging, mid-level and established music theatre creators to exchange ideas, techniques and methodologies. Over a short number of days, these teams of artists experiment and create a site responsive piece which will be performed only once… maybe twice. The magic of this ECLIPSE event is in the unknown. The participants are not given any information ahead of time about the space or architecture in which the lab will take place. They are only provided with our seasons theme. The creation comes from being immersed in the space together, and allowing it to guide their storytelling. It’s a fabulous opportunity for new work to emerge and for our arts community to be fostered. Our inaugural lab, “Captive” was a huge success and we were happy to bring together over 30 artists in an East End venue to create 11 new short music theatre pieces.  Stay tuned for more info on our 2019/20 Lab.

Lab 2018

The theme for this years ETC Lab will be “HELD”

Meet Our Labbies




Julia Appleton

Georgia Bennett

Jessie Fraser

Trevor Copp

Jacqueline Burtney

Allegra Fulton

Emily Dallas

Jasmine Chen

Elif Isikozlu (Dramaturg)

Colleen Dauncey

Eric Craig

Tracy Michailidis

Murray Foster

Jeremy Crittenden

Alan Kinsella

Jill Gollick

Ellen Denny

David Christo

Aaron Jensen

Laurie Murdoch

Kieren MacMillan

Zorana Sadiq

Akiva Romer-Segal

Alex Sandoval

MArk Weatherley